2021 Non-Negotiables

Is the election over? Is COVID over? Is 2020 really over? Seems like we can’t wake up from a bad dream. Here’s my take —- January 2021 is going to feel like March-December 2020. However, by February it will start to become clear what type of year 2021 will become. The sad news is that […]

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A Promise and a Guarantee

Profit: Chances are your business experienced a profitable 2019 and you planned to see it continue into 2020. Now, many business owners are just trying to survive. For many, breaking-even would be a victory in 2020. PPP was a much needed lifeline to many business owners, nonprofits, and those in the gigging economy. But, everyone […]

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We get so busy “doing” things that it’s hard to slow down long enough to ponder “why” we do them in the first place.  Simon Sinek is famous for his TED Talk on this very subject. COVID-19 forced the world to slow down, and for many people, they are literally doing nothing but staying quarantined […]

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