A Promise and a Guarantee

Profit: Chances are your business experienced a profitable 2019 and you planned to see it continue into 2020. Now, many business owners are just trying to survive. For many, breaking-even would be a victory in 2020.

PPP was a much needed lifeline to many business owners, nonprofits, and those in the gigging economy. But, everyone is quickly realizing that the game has changed and they are looking for clarity.

Everything is on the table including, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Online delivery channels of your product/service…you name it. Do you want to stay relevant as we re-emerge from COVID-19?

People of looking for certainty. I suggest you offer your clients both a PROMISE and a GUARANTEE. It will help differentiate you in times of uncertainty.

For example, we promise our clients that we’ll find $25K in their business. I guarantee that I’ll work with them for the next 30 days to find the $$, create a tactic that aligns with their existing vision and strategy, and implement that tactic to realize the $$.

There is no trick or gimmick. Promise what you are sure you can deliver, and guarantee your efforts towards that goal. Back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you need help framing your promise and/or guarantee, shoot me a message.

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