We get so busy “doing” things that it’s hard to slow down long enough to ponder “why” we do them in the first place.  Simon Sinek is famous for his TED Talk on this very subject.

COVID-19 forced the world to slow down, and for many people, they are literally doing nothing but staying quarantined in their home.  If nothing else, we’ve all had a lot of time to think about our “why” in many areas of our life.

For some, you’ve double-downed on commitments (be a better spouse, parent, employer, employee, neighbor, friend, sibling, etc.).  This isn’t your run-of-the mill New Year’s Resolution type of commitment made after a hard night of celebration.  You’re serious, and it took a global pandemic to get your attention.  A better you is about to emerge.

Whether you wanted to make changes or not, the world just changed.  Discovering, or re-discovering your why is more important now than ever before.  Businesses will be formed or lost during this time.  I could say the same thing about families and other life-sustaining relationships.

Before you rush off into your former busy-ness, think deeply about your why.  It is the wellspring to propel you forward.  If your well is dry…go dig a new one!



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