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Cash flow and working capital are the lifeblood of every business. They are fundamental components of your financial strategy. The Loan Consultant helps business owners develop and implement cash flow and working capital strategies to improve the bottom line. 

Why is financial strategy important? Because finance is the language of business. Managing finances and pursuing and securing revenue are critical to your organization’s success. I help business owners who want to improve their bottom line by enhancing their financial health and proficiency. I meet you where you are in terms of your firm’s financial stability and literacy. Like sports . . or music . . you can always get better at the financial side of your business. Time and again we’ve seen that improving financial proficiency results in better business leadership.

My work draws on decades of experience. I take a hands-on approach, dedicating the time to get to know your business and evaluate the issues that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. My innovative solutions have helped hundreds of companies across the country develop and execute successful business strategies. You have what it takes. Unlock your full potential and start achieving your financial goals. 

Product and Service Offerings

Financial Mastery Program

Financial Mastery Program

We deliver a simple promise and guarantee:

Promise: I will work with you 1-on-1 over the next 90 days to develop a financial strategy and tactic that you can deploy to earn a 5x-10x ROI on your investment in my program.

Guarantee: I will work with you for as long as it takes to launch the strategy and tactic, as long as you are making a continual effort. At the end of 30 days, if you are not satisfied, then I will refund 100% of your money.

Profit Finder Program

Timing: Up to 90 days
Promise: 1-on-1 Coaching to improve profitability for a 5x – 10x ROI
Charge: Fixed fee

Timing:  As long as it takes
Guarantee: Support you as you work to implement plan to realize minimum $25K gain

Profit Finder Case Study:

Improving Sales Conversion Rate – $300K Revenue Lift

Challenge: Client typically closed 3 top prospects in a year. He needed to double his sales effectiveness. His marketing and sales efforts consisted of infrequent email and phone campaigns to 500 identified prospects. He felt there was good opportunity to improve the effectiveness and consistency of these efforts.
Solution: Develop a consistent and automated email marketing campaign around the 4P’s (Pain, Problems, Proof, Philosophy). Compose 3-4 letters around each “P” for our Content Library. Format letters into an email marketing platform. Send one letter per week for six consecutive weeks. Develop follow-up phone campaign (in-house or third party).
Result: Given the $100K annual value of a top client ($500K lifetime value at industry average 5 years), client anticipates more than doubling lifetime revenue by increasing his close rate with this plan in the next 12 months. Goal = $300K in additional annual Revenue, and $1.5 million lifetime.


We leverage our deep banking industry experience and relationships to your advantage. Our allegiance is to you. We keep your best interest front and center, applying industry knowledge as your advocate.

Lower Rates and Fees:

The loan process can be an emotional rollercoaster. We understand the lending process and are thus able to negotiate better terms and conditions. Saving can oftentimes range from 0.25% – 2% on the loan rate and up to 1% on loan origination fees.

Bringing Sanity to a Cumbersome Process:

Applying for a commercial loan can be a lengthy and difficult process. We know all the trigger points, snags and issues that slow down the process. We can help minimize and oftentimes eliminate the pain, mystery and frustration. Getting the financing you need should be as efficient and transparent as possible.

Referral Network:

We have strong relationships with accounting and legal professionals who can help deliver a remarkable experience for the client.

Key Services

Commercial Loans

Equipment or real estate purchase

Debt refinance

Private Lending

Lines of credit

Banking Case Study:

Fee Reductions

Challenge: Client was being charged very high monthly service fees despite maintaining large deposit balances with their bank.
Solution: After a review of the company’s financial statements, sales reports, banking relationships and statements, we immediately identified the inordinate fees relative to average deposit balances. We engaged the bank’s cash management team to address our concerns.
Result: We successfully negotiated over $10K in annual savings on bank service charges in under a month. We are working on other cost saving measures in addition to this low-hanging fruit.
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