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Building business communities is more important now than ever before. The Loan Consultant founder Patrick Shurney is a consummate networker and resource provider for business owners and senior executives, offering business seminars, training modules, and virtual coaching sessions. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Patrick helped over 300 business owners and non-profit executives successfully navigate the various federal, state, and local stimulus programs. He held informative weekly Zoom meetings to provide free guidance and coaching.

Further, The Loan Consultant clients gain access to a vetted national network of hundreds of business owners around the country. Networking in business is one of the best resources for professional success. The Loan Consultant helps build meaningful relationships through personal introductions to other successful leaders, creating opportunities for support, collaboration, and new business opportunities.


Subscribed clients will receive monthly one-on-one coaching to address their specific goals and tasks to achieve those goals. Our business coaching services will empower you to achieve your greatest goals and meet your organization’s specific needs.

Online Community Support

All clients are invited to join our online cohort of business owners. We host weekly small group video meetings to help you work through business issues, receive insights, and share best practices. We will help you stay accountable to your stated goals and actions.


All clients will have access to exclusive online training modules and virtual business seminars. These webinars are designed to drive value and business growth. You will receive actionable tips to make better business decisions, as well as innovative strategies for increasing profitability. 

Case Study

CARES Act Information-Sharing Zoom Calls

Challenge: As a result of the COVID19 Pandemic, numerous stimulus relief programs were launched at the Federal, State and Local Level. Understanding and navigating these programs was overwhelming for business owners, nonprofit executives, bankers, accountants, lawyers, landlords, independent contractors and those in the gigging economy.
Solution: The Loan Consultant became a subject matter expert and hosted over three dozen Zoom Q&A’s to provide clarity, direction and education. The Loan Consultant was hired by the City of Annapolis to assist the Small Business Recovery Task Force. We also worked with three local CPA firms and one law firm to hold a series of Zoom meetings exclusively for their clients to educate them on the various stimulus programs. We continue to provide ongoing support to these attendees.
Result: Zoom participants reported overwhelming success in qualifying and receiving much needed financial relief from the various sponsoring agencies. As an offshoot, The Loan Consultant was hired by a local landlord to educate their tenants on the available stimulus programs. Over 100 participants have already joined the invitation-only CARES ACTion Facebook Group where they receive complementary support, updates and information. This forum encourages knowledge sharing in a supportive environment.

Training Webinars

The Loan Consultant's business training meetings and webinars address every aspect of building and growing a business. From sales and marketing, to virtual networking, you will gain access to an abundance of resources to help your organization thrive. Whether you are looking to increase your revenue, improve online marketing efforts, or obtain a business loan, applying the principles taught in our business webinars and workshops can get you there. Below are sample business seminars that The Loan Consultant has facilitated and/or organized. The ones from April – June 2020 are focused on the CARES stimulus program and related “business survival in a pandemic” topics.

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